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Speech by director
Established on July 2,1960, the Institute of Forest Chemical Industry of China Academy of Forestry Science has gone through half a century of glorious course. Built since then, with the care and support of higher authorities and all sectors of society, through the hard efforts of several generations of scientific and technological workers, the institute has promoted research and development in the fields of biomass energy, biomass chemicals, new biomass materials, utilization of active components of biomass, forestry-paper integration, chemical utilization and deep processing of Turpentine, active Carbon Chemistry and engineering, plant Tannin and chemical utilization of forest resources in China, many high-level research achievements have been made, a scientific research team with high scientific research level and rich practical experience has been trained, and a number of high-tech new products have been developed. It has now developed into a research and Development Center for the forest chemical and biomass processing industries in China, to promote the technical progress of the industry has made outstanding contributions.

The Chemical Utilization of biomass resources is an important direction for the development of new industries and low-carbon economy in the world. The rise of biomass industry has given a new connotation to the chemical processing of forest products for the purpose of efficient and high-value utilization of forest resources. In accordance with the development strategy of "Institute of Scientific Research, Institute of Innovation, and Institute of Talent" , our institute will continue to strengthen the research direction of traditional forestry, such as Turpentine, carbon and activated carbon materials, plant extracts, adhesives, pulp and paper making, environmental protection, etc. , we will actively expand the research fields of biomass energy, biomass materials and biomass chemicals, and strengthen forward-looking and applied basic research. Through optimizing discipline layout, innovating scientific research system, strengthening technological innovation, leading discipline development, actively carrying out international cooperation and exchanges, we strive to build our institute into an International first-class R & D Institution in the field of biomass chemical utilization.

In the face of new development opportunities and challenges, we will, in the spirit of "virtue and honesty, erudition and novelty" , work hard, work together with one mind and work together to achieve good results, to make new and greater contributions to the realization of the Chinese dream of the Chinese Dream and the development of Forestry Industry!

We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to visit, guide, exchange and cooperation.


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